Aged In Asperger Hope


Why we created A.A.H.

Aged In Aspergers is a support/social group for adults (18+) with Aspergers and High functioning Autism.
We hold meetings on  Fridays and alternate between support group meetings and social gatherings/events.

Our support group portion focuses on life issues and social skills using peer to peer interaction. Everyone offers advice, shares experiences, and helps others with problems that have arisen that week. We have 3 group leaders at this Jessica, Seth, and Sarah.
The social gathering/event portion is a away of getting people out in the world and interacting in those settings. We have had events at  Americas back yard, Tijuana Taxi, Movie theatre's , the beach, and sometimes just another member's house. (Check out our outings and future event's page!)

Our goal with the group is to help others with problems they may face offer practical advice and be listening ears for those who need to listened to, as well giving people enjoyable things to do. At this time we have 20 active members. Word about who we are and what we do has been able to reach 300 people throughout the community. Via C.A.R.D, as well as and facebook.
 We are always happy to hear about new members, anyone interested in more information may contact us using either e-mail or phone calls.  

Have any questions? Want to know more? Just give us a call!

Group Info
3269 Coral Lake DR
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Group Leaders
Seth Saidman: 954-815-1033 (cell)
Sarah Lazzaro: 518-727-9254 (cell)
Jesse Brady:    516-984-9788 (cell)

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